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Anna vafeiadou

Please visit our official site www.santoriniprivatetours.com 

If you are arriving from a cruise ship, airplane or even if you stay in a hotel in Santorini, we can accommodate a Santorini Private Tours  from a single person to groups! We have luxury mini-vans, coaches - buses and a crew of well trained drivers and guides that are locals and share the same love as mine for this unforgettable island! Everybody is welcome and I will personally make sure that this tour will be a tour you will never forget.

Our company is based in Santorini many years now offering Santorini Private Tours with friendly fluently English speaking guides that shows you the highlights of the island but also places that only a local knows how to take you there.

During your Santorini Private Tours, your vehicles are new, non smoking and fully air-conditioned and depending on the number of guests we offer the proper car that is from a 5 door to a 50 seat bus and we can accommodate any group size in comfort.

Among other places you will visit is Oia, Perrisa - Perivolos or Kamari that are black sandy beaches, a winery, Ancient Thira, a museum etc. There are many places to be visited depending the preference of the client. For example, there are people who like only to visit the wineries, other only the archeological sights and others a little bit of everything. So, if you have something specific in mind please let us know and we will offer it to you OR you can leave it to our hands and we will make sure that you will not miss a think! Either way, I promise you a beautiful day in Santorini and a Santorini private tour you will never forget.

Most of the people that are looking for Santorini Private Tours, they come with a cruise ship. If you are one of them, here are a few thinks you need to know prior your arrival.

Due to the fact that our port is not deep enough to host the big cruise ships that arrive from all over the world, the ships dock in the open almost next to our Volcano and from there, tender boats bring our guests either to the Athinios port or to the Old port which is called Old but it isn't.

Those who will choose a massive Santorini tour purchased from the cruise line, are taken to Athinios port that is 20 minutes from Fira and those who prefer a more comfortable and less stressful Santorini Private tours, will be taken to the Old port were there is no car access and the only 2 ways up are the donkeys and the cable car but you access Fira within 5 minutes.

Donkeys are fine but please note that they do not take you all the way up and you will have to walk for while until you will reach Fira our capitol. I personally recommend you to get the cable car as it is a more comfortable way and allow me to say less smelly.

At this point, allow me to inform you that the terrain of Santorini is not suitable for people with mobility problems.

Please visit our official website www.santoriniprivatetours.com